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© Cottesmore Hunt Hedge-cutting Society

The Society is totally dependant upon the donations kindly provided by farmers, landowners, members, subscribers and supporters of the Cottesmore Hunt.

The annual costs are in excess of £1100.00 and the Society is fairly well supported, at present, by many subscribers who have, over a number of years, most kindly provided annual donations by standing order. These 25 individual donations, ranging from £10 up to £100, amount to almost £850.

Almost 100 letters were given out at the opening meet and sponsored ride in 2014 and that did result in about £550 of extra donations for the season 2014/15, but few extra standing orders.

It would be most positive if more of our subscribers were willing to support, preferably by standing order. The Society does encourage the valuable art of hedgelaying in the hunt country and the annual prize giving party is always very well attended and enjoyed by the cutters, farmers, landowners and their family members.

Additional funds have, in the past, enabled the sponsorship of training and also the cutting and laying of hedges in the hunt country.

Details of the society’s standing order are available upon request or download via link below.

You may also make a regular donation by using the PayPal button below.

Standing Order